Adventure & Outdoors (DL3)

You will need

  • Computer


Please ensure that you are following safe distancing guidelines.


  1. As a patrol, Scouts are to create an instructional video to minimally demonstrate the following:
    • How to treat cuts, burns, open wounds, allergic reactions and animal stings / bites
    • How to treat shocks and cardiac arrests
    • 2 ways to bandage injuries


  1. As a patrol, complete ONE of the following:

Core Scouting Activities:


Propose a camp programme for a 2D1N camp that incorporates the mock campsite created in Scout Badge.

Outdoor Exploration

Using Google Maps or any similar software, draw out checkpoint maps for your school and 5 other attractions located within the vicinity of your school.

These attractions/checkpoints can be the same ones used in Scout Badge.

Examples of attractions are but not limited to:
– Places of Worship
– Playgrounds
– Parks
– Community Centres
– Shopping Malls
– Bridges

Outdoor Cooking

Propose a menu consisting of 5 different items, the cooking methods for all 5 items as well as the type of fire used to cook them in an outdoor setting.

These 5 items can be the same ones used for Scout Badge.


Knotting & Pioneering

Create an instructional video showing how to construct 3 different pioneering structures. The video must also emphasise the knots utilised for the structure.

The knots and lashings used can be the same ones used for Scout Badge.

Scouts should make use of visual aids and present their findings / tasks in either a type written report or a presentation deck.”


  • 1i. Why is it important for you to know first aid?
  • 1ii. Are there any potential difficulties that may arise when you administer first aid?
  • 2i. What are some values that you can learn through your chosen Core Scouting Activity?
  • 2ii. Will your chosen Core Scouting Activity lose its relevance over time due to technological advancements?


To run this at the troop level with all patrols being monitored by the SPL/TL as per patrol level instructions.



  • Social Development
    Scouts will develop their sense of social responsibility by learning and understanding the importance of first-aid. Scouts will also learn to accept different opinions by working with their patrol.
  • Physical Development
    Scouts would learn more about the requirements of a core scouting activity as well as the importance of identifying essential needs.
  • Intellectual Development
    Scouts will be able to expand their field of knowledge with respect to the various core scouting activities. Scouts will also learn how to problem solve and analyse various situations through the various core scouting activities.
  • Character Development
    Scouts will be able to develop their critical awareness of the activity and learn to make sound decisions.
  • Emotional Development
    Scouts will be able to build their confidence in understanding and executing core scouting activities.

Activity Counts Towards

1m. Research and learn on how to administer First Aid for commonly occurring physical injuries in an outdoor setting.

Scouts can learn the following:
• Packing a first aid kit
• Treating cuts, burns, open wounds, allergic reactions, animal stings
• How to treat persons experiencing shock
• 2 uses for a triangular bandage (head injury, arm fracture, joint sprains etc)

2m. Research and learn about THREE of the Core Scouting Activities and discuss with your patrol on the nature of the activities.