Citizenship & Global Awareness (VL2)

You will need

  • Computer


Please ensure that you are following safe distancing guidelines.


1a & 1b. As a cohort, research on a pressing issue affecting youth in Singapore. Understand and propose ways to resolve/mitigate the chosen issue.

Issues include but are not limited to:
– Self-esteem and insecurity
– Bullying
– Underaged smoking/drinking
– Stress due to education



  • 1ai. Why did you choose this issue to talk about instead of other issues?
  • 1aii. In relation to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), which SDG relates to your issue to the most?
  • 1aiii. How does the UN SDGs impact or contribute to the mitigation of your selected issue?
  • 1aiv. Scenario: You are now the leader of your country, how would you utilise your nation’s resources to solve your selected issue?
  • 1bi. In what ways can be Scouting either resolve or mitigate your selected issue?
  • 1bii. In your opinion, are the methods found within Scouting broad enough to resolve your selected issue? Why or why not and please explain your stance.


To run this at the troop level with all patrols being monitored by the SPL/TL as per patrol level instructions.



  • Social Development
    Scouts will learn about the various issues being faced by youth in Singapore. This will allow Scouts to understand their place in the community with regard to issues faced and the need for collective contributions to improve the well-being of youth. In addition, Scouts will learn to work together as a patrol.
  • Intellectual Development
    Scouts will be able to expand their field of knowledge regarding pressing issues affecting the youth in Singapore. Scouts will also be able to analyse and understand the various causes of these issues as well as come up with solutions as to how to mitigate these issues as a patrol.
  • Character Development
    Scouts will be able to develop a critical awareness of issues affecting the youth in Singapore. Scouts will also learn to think critically and understand how they as a Scout, can work towards mitigating these issues with the hopes of improving the lives of youth in Singapore.

Activity Counts Towards

1a. Investigate ONE pressing issue that Singapore OR the World faces.
(Examples include, but are not limited to aging population, tension between locals and foreigners, environmental impact of rapid urban development, climate change, religious conflict, developmental gap, gender inequality, etc.)

1b. Do a presentation to your Troop on the findings of your research. Suggest how Scouting can help to resolve / alleviate the issue.
(The form of this presentation may involve role-play, photo collages, video, drawings or powerpoint. The presentation should include information on causes of the issue, stakeholders involved, different viewpoints presented and possible solutions (if any)