Creative Pursuits (VL3)

You will need

  • Computer


Please ensure that you are following safe distancing guidelines.


1. Lead the event that you’ve planned as per level 2 requirements.


  • 1i. Between leading in your patrol and leading for your Scout Group/Community, what are some of the differences?
  • 1ii. Other than the scale of the event, what else have increased in the planning that is required?
  • 1iii. What are some things that you have learnt from this that can be applied to your future life journey?


To run this at the troop level with all patrols being monitored by the SPL/TL as per patrol level instructions.



  • Social Development
    Scouts will be able to lead the event with the planning committee/troop with the proposal that they have done up. They will be able to understand the dynamics of leading a bigger group other than their patrols.
  • Intellectual Development
    Scouts will be able to put the theory and words that they have planned in the proposal to use through learning by doing.
  • Character Development
    Scouts will be able to develop critical awareness while leading the event and further understand more about their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Emotional Development
    Scouts will be confident in expressing their thoughts and feelings through the journey of execution based on their proposal.

Activity Counts Towards

1. Contribute to your Scout Group or your community with ONE of the following activities in a leading role

Produce a performance event including conceptualisation, auditions, rehearsals and stage management.


Curate an art mini-exhibition including conceptualisation, promotion and site management.


Organise a Scouts' Own including programme planning and selecting or writing prayers or music.


Promote Scouting through a newsletter, brochure, poster, video, website or mini-exhibition.


Promote a charity or its event through a newsletter, brochure, poster, video, website or mini-exhibition.


Design a new, or a new way to conduct a, Scout activity.


Design a new pioneering project to overcome a given challenge