My Badges

Make your uniform uniquely you by learning more about the proficiency badges that you could get!

You will need

  • Computer


Please make sure you’ve gotten your parent’s permission before accessing the internet and have parental supervision while using the internet.


1. Understand the meaning of the badges you would get after your investiture and how to care for your pack scarf.


2. Know the name of all four progress badges and at least one proficiency badge



  • What does the World Scout Emblem mean?
  • Which proficiency badge would you like to get and how are you aiming to get it?



  • Intellectual Development
    Cubs would learn more about Scouting, it's symbols and why such a symbol is chosen
  • Character Development
    Through looking at the progress badges, Cubs should be able to identify what they are good/interested in and work towards that goal

Activity Counts Towards

1. Know the meaning of the badges you will get when you are invested and how to care for your Pack Scarf.
2. Name the four Progress Badges for Cub Scouts and at least one Proficiency Badge.