My Six

Learn more about your fellow cubs and who is in your six

You will need

  • Online meeting software
  • Printout of worksheet
My Six
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Please make sure a leader is supervising your interaction online


    1. Learn more about a Six, and why are Cub scouts separated into Sixes.
      You may wish to use the following resource:
    2. Use an online meeting software (e.g. Zoom, Google Hangouts) to learn more about your Six. Share about who they are and what they like doing.



  • Was there anyone with the same likes as you?
  • How common was your hobbies within your Six?



  • Social Development
    Cubs would learn more about others in this activity. They would also learn how to articulate their hobbies to others, starting a conversation.

Activity Counts Towards

Join a Six and get to know the name of other members of your Six and take part in an activity with them.