Packed Together

Learn more about why your leader is called Akela and take part in pack level activities!

You will need

  • Video conferencing software
My Pack
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Please make sure a leader is supervising your interaction online


1. Take part in two (virtual) pack meeting and record your experience in the worksheet

Leaders may wish to use the breakout room feature to allow for cubs to interact in their Sixes

2. Learn more about “The Jungle Book” or “Story of Kim” and share what you have learnt with your leaders




  • What lessons can be learnt from the Jungle Book?
  • What would be something that I look forward to for my pack meeting?



  • Intellectual Development
    Cubs would understand the symbolic framework used in Scouting and the reasoning being various symbols in their Scouting journey
  • Social Development
    The activity would encourage Cubs to take part in group activities

Activity Counts Towards

Get to know other Cub Scouts and Leaders by taking part in at least two Pack Meetings.
Read the “Jungle Book” or “Story of Kim” by Rudyard Kipling and discuss with your leader on the story.