Service & Community (VL1)

You will need

  • Computer


Please ensure that you are following safe distancing guidelines.


1m. With up to 3 other Scouts, Scouts are to propose a one-time community service project that fulfils a chosen community’s needs. (It is recommended that the community you plan to serve is within your Troop’s area)

– Study the needs of your community and determine which area requires the most help and who are your beneficiaries.
Beneficiaries include but are not limited to:
– Elderly
– Underprivileged
– Youth at Risk
– Animals
– Migrant workers

– Create a proposal for your desired project and minimally include the following details:
– Proposed date, time and venue
– Program flow
– Beneficiaries impacted
– Manpower required
– Logistics required

– Present the project to your Scout Leaders.



  • 1mi. What were some challenges faced when planning for this project?
  • 1mii. After going through the planning for this project, what is one thing that you’ve learnt about event planning?
  • 1miii. Besides your proposed project, in what other ways can your troop fulfil the needs of your chosen community?
  • 1miv. As an individual, what can you do to fulfil the needs of your chosen community?



  • Social Development
    Scouts will develop their sense of social responsibility by planning a project that will benefit a community. Scouts will learn how to identify needs of a community and learn to accept different opinions by working with other scouts.
  • Intellectual Development
    Scouts will be able to expand their field of knowledge in planning for community service projects.
  • Character Development
    Scouts will be able to develop their critical awareness of themselves and the community around them as well as learn to make sound decisions.
  • Emotional Development
    Scouts will be able to build their confidence in understanding and executing a community service project. Scouts will also learn the value of empathy through the understanding of a community's needs.

Activity Counts Towards

1m. With up to THREE fellow Scouts, study the needs of a community and design a community service project or activity. Share the planned service project with your leaders.