Sports & Physical Recreation (DL3)

You will need

  • Computer
  • Fitness Equipment (If needed)


Please ensure that you are following safe distancing guidelines.


1m. As a patrol, introduce the esport that you’ve practised in level 2’s activity to the troop.

Act as guide and trainers to the troop in at least 3 separate occasions.

Plan and execute an in-house competition within the troop with the Esport selected.

2. Participate in a workout session led by your patrol and record down your progress in following through with the plan that you’ve planned.
Details include but not limited to:
– Before and after results (i.e day 1 – 5 pushups, day 42 – 50 push-ups)
– Body composition results (BMI, fat percentage
– Workout journal (Progress from day 1 to day 42)


  • 1mi. What are some things that you did not know about the sport before you started your research?
  • 1mii. What are some lessons that you can learn from some of the famous players in this sport?1miii. What are some of the difficulties you faced while trying to improve and refine your skill?
  • 2mi. Compared to the three weeks fitness plan, How have you changed this current plan. If no, has the previous plan been showing consistent improvements that have not yet to hit a plateau? If yes, has the previous plan hit a plateau in your improvements? How are you going to change the plan?
  • 2mii. How has your journey of trying to be physically fit impacted you in your daily life?


To run this at the troop level with all patrols being monitored by the SPL/TL as per patrol level instructions.



  • Social Development
    Scouts will be able to work as a patrol as trainers to the unit to help them understand and guide them through their training sessions.
  • Physical Development
    Scouts will take responsibility to participate actively for the development of their body.
  • Intellectual Development
    Scouts will mentor and guide the unit with the newly found knowledge and continually expands their knowledge through learning by doing/teaching.
  • Character Development
    Scouts will be able to understand the role of a trainer and better understand oneself when presenting/teaching in front of the crowd.

Activity Counts Towards

1m. Research and learn more about a sport that you are interested in and plan how you can further improve and refine your skills.

2m. Set a goal for physical fitness that can be done at home for a period of SIX weeks and participate in it regularly (no less than FIVE hours) to show improvement over this period.