Sports & Physical Recreation (EL3)

You will need

  • Computer
  • Fitness Equipment (If needed)


Please ensure that you are following safe distancing guidelines.


1m. Execute the Scout Game that is planned as per level 2’s requirements.

2m. With your knowledge from level 1’s activity, share and discuss with your patrol.
Some questions to discuss but not limited to:
– With the rise of the esports industry, will there be an increased amount of gaming addiction?
– What are some ways to combat gaming addiction? (i.e Healthy lifestyle, restricted timing of gameplay)

3ma. Execute a workout session over a period of 1 week online with your patrol. Record down your progress in following through with the plan that you’ve planned.
Details include but not limited to:
– Before and after results (i.e running day 1 – 16min 30 sec, day 70 – 11 min)
– Body composition results (BMI, fat percentage
– Workout journal (Progress from day 1 to day 70)

3mb. Share your media that is created on social media!
– Share it on your troop’s social media pages


  • 1mi. What are some of the difficulties you face with planning the game?
  • 1mii. What are some of the lessons you can take away from planning a Scouting Game from scratch?
  • 2mi. Out of so many sports, why have these 1/3 sport sparked interest in you?
  • 2mii. After researching on these 1/3 sports, if you had a chance which one would you want to try and why?
  • 2mii. (Level 3 & 4) What was interesting about the competition that you’ve organised? Why?
  • 3mi.What are some values that you can take away from planning, executing and sticking with the fitness plans that you have planned?
  • 3mii. In your opinion, what are some of the reasons that youths these days are resorting to smoking/substance abuse? What alternatives do they have instead of smoking/substance abuse?


To run this at the troop level with all patrols being monitored by the SPL/TL as per patrol level instructions.



  • Social Development
    Scouts will be able to work together as a patrol to bring fun and achieve learning objectives that are planned to the unit. Scouts will also be able to interact and learn more about each other through the activities that are planned.
  • Physical Development
    Scouts will be able to take part in activities that are beneficial for the development of their body.
  • Intellectual Development
    Through the steps in researching and planning, scouts will be able to achieve learning by doing through the execution of the activity. Scouts will also be able to expand their knowledge of different exercises that benefits them through the rotation of exercise plans.
  • Character Development
    Scouts will be able to recognize and understand their strengths and weaknesses through the presentation to their patrol and unit. They will be able to gain critical awareness through the execution of the activities that they have planned.

Activity Counts Towards

1m. Plan TWO Scouting games requiring teamwork

2m. Research and learn about THREE sports that are new to you. Record in your Journal on the history, rules, popularity and how it helps people to keep fit.

3m. Set a goal for physical fitness that can be done at home for a period of TEN weeks and participate in it regularly (no less than FIVE hours) to show improvement over this period.
Research on the harmful impact of smoking, alcohol and drug use – understand why these harmful products are still being used and what governments around the world are doing to address these issues."