Sports & Physical Recreation (VL1)

You will need

  • Computer
  • Fitness Equipment (If needed)


Please ensure that you are following safe distancing guidelines.


1. Design and plan a sharing session with your patrol.

The plan should minimally include the following details:
– Materials needed to present/showcase during the sharing session (i.e Posters, powerpoints, videos)
– Goals and plan that are used in the Scout, Discoverer and Explorer badge


  • 1i. What are the benefits of having a fitness plan and being disciplined enough to stick through with it?
  • 1ii. Has this activity inspire you to maintain and continue with the fitness regime? If yes, Why? If no, Why not?
  • 1iii. Were there difficulties presenting or sharing with your troop?
  • 1iv. Did the materials (ppt, photos, videos etc) helped when you did the sharing with your patrol? If yes, did it help in conveying your message? If no, why not?



  • Social Development
    Through this activity, scouts will need to understand their patrol and plan their sharing accordingly to better fit the demographics of their patrol.
  • Physical Development
    Scouts will be able to compile and share about the responsibility they have taken up in the development of their body to their patrol/unit.
  • Intellectual Development
    With the knowledge gained from the previous tiers of the progressive scheme, scouts will be able to put together a plan to help their patrol understand their journey in achieving their fitness goals.
  • Character Development
    Scouts will be able to identify their strengths and weaknesses from the past plans, learn from it and improve their planning and execution in future activities.

Activity Counts Towards

1. Conduct a sharing with your Patrol or your Troop on how you have kept fit through your chosen activity and demonstrate understanding of the activity by sharing on the kinds of proper equipment needed, rules and mechanics, or conduct a session of the activity in your Patrol or your Troop (if possible).