Creative Pursuits (VL2)

1. Expand on the plan that you have done in level 1’s activity. The plan should include the following details: – Timeline – Activities – Logistics needed – Budget – (include any other details that are not covered that is essential to your plan)

Creative Pursuits (EL2)

1. Lead a discussion in your cohort with everyone’s findings from the level 1 activity. – Every member will present their findings – Vote and decide on one form of performance Plan and design a timeline for practice/rehearsals of selected performance/activity Details should include but not limited to: – Roles to be delegated (i.e Musician, […]

Creative Pursuits (SL2)

1. As a cohort, present your findings in level 1 activity and discuss: – Every patrol member will present their findings – Vote and decide on one form of performance

Sports & Physical Recreation (EL2)

1m. As a cohort, Plan TWO Scouting games with the following requirements: – Adopt games from online databases – Modify the adopted game to make it applicable and ready to be executed online – The objective of promoting teamwork – Able to engage the whole troop/patrol – Fun 3m. (a)Set a common goal with your […]

Sports & Physical Recreation (DL2)

1m. As a cohort, share your findings and discuss. – Vote and decide on an Esport that interests the cohort – Understand the sport and come up with a meeting plan to play the sport. Scouts can learn more about but not limited to: – History of the sport – Famous players – The rules […]

Sports & Physical Recreation (SL2)

2. Based on your findings your level 1’s activity, set a common goal with your cohort for Physical Fitness for a period of THREE weeks and participate in it regularly (no less than FIVE hours) to show improvement over this period. Some fitness goals can include but not limited to: – Sweat more – Strengthen […]

Citizenship & Global Awareness (VL2)

1a & 1b. As a cohort, research on a pressing issue affecting youth in Singapore. Understand and propose ways to resolve/mitigate the chosen issue. Issues include but are not limited to: – Self-esteem and insecurity – Bullying – Underaged smoking/drinking – Stress due to education Resource: City of Good [] – Issues faced by Children […]

Adventure & Outdoor (EL2)

1a. As a cohort, learn and understand what are Risk Assessment Method Systems (RAMS) and create RAMS for either one of the following activities: – Pioneering project – Backwoodsman session – 10km hike Resource: Banyard Solutions [] – RAMS Explained

The Start of Something New

This is it, the moment where you become a fully-fledged Cub Scout! Know what to do in this pivotal moment

Citizenship & Global Awareness (DL2)

As a patrol, create a pledge / creed for your patrol. This pledge / creed should represent the qualities of your patrol members as well as the goals of the patrol. (b)As a patrol, befriend at least 3 other Scouts from different countries and learn about Scouting in each of their respective countries. Facebook Groups […]