Good Turns

What was your good turn for the day? Share with your leaders how you have helped another person in need. Do remember to attach photos of yourself in action!

Inspirations, Attitudes & Beliefs (VL1)

2. Be a buddy to a junior Scout in your Troop for at least THREE months. Share with your buddy but not limited to: – Your experiences and perspective on Scouting and relating them to the Scout Promise & Law. – Some challenges you faced and how you overcame them in the presence of a […]

Sports & Physical Recreation (VL3)

1. Conduct a sharing with your Patrol on how you have kept fit through your chosen activity and demonstrate an understanding of the activity by sharing on the kinds of equipment needed, rules and mechanics, or conduct a session of the activity in your Patrol or your Troop (if possible). Scouts can conduct the following: […]

Sports & Physical Recreation (EL3)

1m. Execute the Scout Game that is planned as per level 2’s requirements. 2m. With your knowledge from level 1’s activity, share and discuss with your patrol. Some questions to discuss but not limited to: – With the rise of the esports industry, will there be an increased amount of gaming addiction? – What are […]

Sports & Physical Recreation (SL3)

1. Participate in a Scouting Game requiring teamwork during a troop meeting. Scouts can participate in activities such as: – Kim’s Game (Modified to be able to be played over Zoom/Google Meet) – Treasure Hunt (Homebased items or Online information) – Charades (Scouting edition) – Explorer Badge level 1’s activity planned 2. Participate in a […]

Sports & Physical Recreation (SL2)

2. Based on your findings your level 1’s activity, set a common goal with your cohort for Physical Fitness for a period of THREE weeks and participate in it regularly (no less than FIVE hours) to show improvement over this period. Some fitness goals can include but not limited to: – Sweat more – Strengthen […]

Sports & Physical Recreation (SL1)

1. Research and find out what exactly are Scout games? Resources: The Scout Association (UK) [] – Scout Skills Wide Games The Inquiry Net [] – Introduction to Wide Games 2. Research on some of the essential muscle groups that will help you in achieving a pass in your fitness test (i.e NAPFA) OR Muscles […]

Service & Community (VL3)

1m. As a patrol, propose a long-term community service partnership with any organisation and plan for a minimum of 3 service events. Organisations that were researched under the Scout Badge can be proposed here. – Study the needs of your community and determine which area requires the most help and who are your beneficiaries. Beneficiaries […]

Service & Community (VL1)

1m. With up to 3 other Scouts, Scouts are to propose a one-time community service project that fulfils a chosen community’s needs. (It is recommended that the community you plan to serve is within your Troop’s area) – Study the needs of your community and determine which area requires the most help and who are […]

Leadership & Interests (VL1)

1. Attain ONE other Proficiency Badge that was not used to fulfil any other requirements. Resource: Singapore Scouts [] – Proficiency Badges