Sports & Physical Recreation (SL1)

1. Research and find out what exactly are Scout games? Resources: The Scout Association (UK) [] – Scout Skills Wide Games The Inquiry Net [] – Introduction to Wide Games 2. Research on some of the essential muscle groups that will help you in achieving a pass in your fitness test (i.e NAPFA) OR Muscles […]

Service & Community (VL3)

1m. As a patrol, propose a long-term community service partnership with any organisation and plan for a minimum of 3 service events. Organisations that were researched under the Scout Badge can be proposed here. – Study the needs of your community and determine which area requires the most help and who are your beneficiaries. Beneficiaries […]

Service & Community (VL1)

1m. With up to 3 other Scouts, Scouts are to propose a one-time community service project that fulfils a chosen community’s needs. (It is recommended that the community you plan to serve is within your Troop’s area) – Study the needs of your community and determine which area requires the most help and who are […]

Leadership & Interests (VL1)

1. Attain ONE other Proficiency Badge that was not used to fulfil any other requirements. Resource: Singapore Scouts [] – Proficiency Badges

Adventure & Outdoor (VL1)

1m. Conduct an online lesson on one of the Core Scouting Activities for your juniors pursuing the Discoverer Badge. 2m. Plan either a camp or an expedition with the following criteria: – lasts for a minimum of 2D1N – allows for the completion of a component either from the proficiency badge scheme or the progress […]

Adventure & Outdoor (EL3)

2b. As a patrol, complete ONE of the following: Scouts should make use of visual aids and present their findings / tasks in either a type written report or a presentation deck.”

Adventure & Outdoor (EL1)

(a) Understand the basic health and safety needs required for Scouts participating in Core Scouting Activities. Core Scouting Activities: – Camping – Outdoor Exploration – Outdoor Cooking – Knotting & Pioneering (am) Discuss with your leaders the role a patrol leader plays in an expedition/camp. (b) Plan ONE Core Scouting Activity for your patrol. The […]

Adventure & Outdoors (DL3)

As a patrol, Scouts are to create an instructional video to minimally demonstrate the following: How to treat cuts, burns, open wounds, allergic reactions and animal stings / bites How to treat shocks and cardiac arrests 2 ways to bandage injuries   As a patrol, complete ONE of the following: Core Scouting Activities: Camping Propose […]

Adventure & Outdoor (DL1)

Scouts are to research and learn how to pack a first aid kit for an outdoor activity. Scouts are to use the interactive ppt. file provided to “”pack”” a first aid kit, provide their reasoning as well as answer their reflection questions. *For Scouts without Powerpoint, follow these steps: 1) Download the PPT file > […]