Race Together

We say “regardless of race, language, or religion”. But are we all truly treated “regardless of” race? Scouting is a global movement that aims to build a diverse and inclusive environment for all, so how can we as Scouts work together to bring this conversation forward? Learn more about racial identity and prejudices in this challenge.

Regardless of

Diversity involves valuing and having regard for everyone and using those differences to create cohesive and diverse local, national and global communities. Put the “I” in diversity in this challenge!

Creative Pursuits (VL2)

1. Expand on the plan that you have done in level 1’s activity. The plan should include the following details: – Timeline – Activities – Logistics needed – Budget – (include any other details that are not covered that is essential to your plan)

Creative Pursuits (VL1)

1. Plan one of the following events: – Online Gangshow, Talent Night, Concert – Create an online platform (Blogger, WordPress etc.), to exhibit art pieces produced by the Scout Group. – Organise a Scouts’ Own including programme planning and selecting or writing prayers or music – Design and plan materials to promote scouting that can […]

Creative Pursuits (EL2)

1. Lead a discussion in your cohort with everyone’s findings from the level 1 activity. – Every member will present their findings – Vote and decide on one form of performance Plan and design a timeline for practice/rehearsals of selected performance/activity Details should include but not limited to: – Roles to be delegated (i.e Musician, […]

Creative Pursuits (EL1)

1. Research and find out what are some of the qualities and ways to be effective in the execution of your performance. List out and reflect how you can use these skills effectively within your patrol. Details can include but not limited to: – What are the values and skills you’ve found – How can […]

Creative Pursuits (DL1)

1. Complete ONE of the following activities Scouts can do the following but not limited to: – Perform over online means like Zoom/Google Meeting (Solo performance: Magic tricks, music, dance, skit, concert, play) – Create an individual art piece over any platform that they are comfortable with (i.e Paper, Adobe Illustrator, Paint) – Write an […]