Creative Pursuits (SL2)

1. As a cohort, present your findings in level 1 activity and discuss: – Every patrol member will present their findings – Vote and decide on one form of performance

Creative Pursuits (SL1)

1. Research and find out what are some of the examples of performing arts – Decide on one to research deeper – Find out more about that form of performance and modify it to make it performable in an online setting Resources: Simplicable [] – 10 Examples of the Entertainment Industry Wikipedia [] – Entertainment […]

Inspirations, Attitudes & Beliefs (VL1)

2. Be a buddy to a junior Scout in your Troop for at least THREE months. Share with your buddy but not limited to: – Your experiences and perspective on Scouting and relating them to the Scout Promise & Law. – Some challenges you faced and how you overcame them in the presence of a […]

Inspirations, Attitudes & Beliefs (VL3)

1. As a patrol, watch/read a speech, movie, book or play together that is approved by your Scout Leader. – Identify the theme of the literature chosen – Discuss and debate on the learning points of the literature. – Based on the learning points that are brought up, what lesson can be taken away? – […]

Inspirations, Attitudes & Beliefs (EL3)

1. Collect inspirational and meaningful quotes on Scouting, Leadership, and Nature. As a patrol discuss/debate/design a quote to be used as the patrol motto. Scouts should have this in mind before deciding on the quotes used: – What are the values that the quote is trying to teach? – Does it align with any of […]

Inspirations, Attitudes & Beliefs (DL3)

1. As a patrol, do a mind/concept map with the Scout Promise & Law as the central point. – Branch out mind/concept map and find out what are the values associated with the Scout Promise & Law. – Identify activities in your daily lives that showcases some of the values that you’ve found out. – […]

Inspirations, Attitudes & Beliefs (SL3)

1. Plan a sharing session for the patrol to share about their religions. Before sharing – Discuss about some common misconceptions (e.g. Practices, Customs, Mores) about any religion that you or your patrol members have come across – Note down the misconceptions that are raised. What the scout can share about include but not limited […]

Sports & Physical Recreation (VL3)

1. Conduct a sharing with your Patrol on how you have kept fit through your chosen activity and demonstrate an understanding of the activity by sharing on the kinds of equipment needed, rules and mechanics, or conduct a session of the activity in your Patrol or your Troop (if possible). Scouts can conduct the following: […]

Sports & Physical Recreation (VL1)

1. Design and plan a sharing session with your patrol. The plan should minimally include the following details: – Materials needed to present/showcase during the sharing session (i.e Posters, powerpoints, videos) – Goals and plan that are used in the Scout, Discoverer and Explorer badge

Sports & Physical Recreation (EL3)

1m. Execute the Scout Game that is planned as per level 2’s requirements. 2m. With your knowledge from level 1’s activity, share and discuss with your patrol. Some questions to discuss but not limited to: – With the rise of the esports industry, will there be an increased amount of gaming addiction? – What are […]