Attend a open court hearing in the Supreme Court or State Courts.

Ubin Chef

4. Core Scouting Activities: Outdoor Cooking Prepare, cook, and enjoy a full meal in one of the campfire pits in Pulau Ubin. Resources: Fresh Off The Grid [https://www.freshoffthegrid.com/52-camping-food-ideas] – 52 Incredibly Delicious Camping Food Ideas

Service & Community (VL1)

1m. With up to 3 other Scouts, Scouts are to propose a one-time community service project that fulfils a chosen community’s needs. (It is recommended that the community you plan to serve is within your Troop’s area) – Study the needs of your community and determine which area requires the most help and who are […]

Service & Community (SL1)

Scouts are to pair up and create a virtual tour describing the main attractions around their Troop’s school. Scouts are recommended to use Google Street View or similar software to “”visit”” the attractions. In addition, answer the following questions about the attractions near your school: – What are the main features of this attraction? – […]