Creative Pursuits (VL2)

1. Expand on the plan that you have done in level 1’s activity. The plan should include the following details: – Timeline – Activities – Logistics needed – Budget – (include any other details that are not covered that is essential to your plan)

Creative Pursuits (VL1)

1. Plan one of the following events: – Online Gangshow, Talent Night, Concert – Create an online platform (Blogger, WordPress etc.), to exhibit art pieces produced by the Scout Group. – Organise a Scouts’ Own including programme planning and selecting or writing prayers or music – Design and plan materials to promote scouting that can […]

Creative Pursuits (EL1)

1. Research and find out what are some of the qualities and ways to be effective in the execution of your performance. List out and reflect how you can use these skills effectively within your patrol. Details can include but not limited to: – What are the values and skills you’ve found – How can […]

Creative Pursuits (DL1)

1. Complete ONE of the following activities Scouts can do the following but not limited to: – Perform over online means like Zoom/Google Meeting (Solo performance: Magic tricks, music, dance, skit, concert, play) – Create an individual art piece over any platform that they are comfortable with (i.e Paper, Adobe Illustrator, Paint) – Write an […]

Creative Pursuits (SL1)

1. Research and find out what are some of the examples of performing arts – Decide on one to research deeper – Find out more about that form of performance and modify it to make it performable in an online setting Resources: Simplicable [] – 10 Examples of the Entertainment Industry Wikipedia [] – Entertainment […]

Inspirations, Attitudes & Beliefs (VL1)

2. Be a buddy to a junior Scout in your Troop for at least THREE months. Share with your buddy but not limited to: – Your experiences and perspective on Scouting and relating them to the Scout Promise & Law. – Some challenges you faced and how you overcame them in the presence of a […]

Sports & Physical Recreation (VL1)

1. Design and plan a sharing session with your patrol. The plan should minimally include the following details: – Materials needed to present/showcase during the sharing session (i.e Posters, powerpoints, videos) – Goals and plan that are used in the Scout, Discoverer and Explorer badge

Sports & Physical Recreation (EL1)

1m. Research and find out what are some of the interesting scouting games. – List out some of the games that you wish to try out with your patrol – Look out for games that are easily adaptable to an online platform Resources: The Inquiry Net [] – 84 Wide Games Scouting Resources UK [] […]

Sports & Physical Recreation (DL1)

1m. Research and learn more about an esport that you are interested in and plan how you can further improve and refine your skills. Scouts can learn more about but not limited to: – History of the esport – Famous players – The rules and regulation of the esport – Method of play – Team […]

Sports & Physical Recreation (SL2)

2. Based on your findings your level 1’s activity, set a common goal with your cohort for Physical Fitness for a period of THREE weeks and participate in it regularly (no less than FIVE hours) to show improvement over this period. Some fitness goals can include but not limited to: – Sweat more – Strengthen […]